One thing about Antarctica that is hard to appreciate from afar is the ferocious & brilliant creativity of this small community. You will find texture, humor, hilarity and personal touches everywhere you go. The oversized cargo storage lanes are marked not by numbers or letters, but by mustache types: “Your crate of priceless scientific equipment? We put it under Pencil Mustache.” Daily creative activities abound (the next two days alone I’m attending Latin Club, Crazy Abs, Yoga and a Hanukkah party, but skipping beginner banjo and fencing lessons). There are weird secret societies (I am so honored to have been inducted into SPOA), unicorns hidden inside the supply warehouse, sculpture art by the dumpsters, a radio station with a volunteer DJ each evening, and insanely talented crafters and builders. The quiet aquarium lab assistant, I incidentally found out yesterday, is in the middle of building a harp out of PVC pipe. (I mean, aren’t we all?) She cheerily explained to me that a $10,000 real harp was out of her price range, but this one she’ll be able to build in three hours for around $100 - the “only difficulty” is the string tuning that will be made trickier in Antarctic temperatures.  

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