As a little girl I was obsessed with penguins: the penguin toy I won from the Avon Lake library for reading the most books, the penguin song I roller skated to, the penguin photos cut from National Geographic and pasted to my bedroom walls. Yesterday I took a two hour snowmobile journey out to Cape Royds to finally say hello to tens of thousands of penguins in the wild.

We had a surprise welcoming committee waiting to greet us: a pod of 8-10 orca whales jumping and arcing right at the edge where the ice meets the open ocean. I’m not the world’s greatest nature photographer - I kept gasping or screaming every time the whales would leap up, and accidentally photographing the sky - but you can see the orca in the top photo on the right, and notice how close the whale is to the penguins, not to mention close to us. I also love the little penguin footprints everywhere, and the beautiful volcanoes and mountain ridges covered in snow in the background.

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